History and Mission

One of the key objectives of KÜGERR is to eliminate the noise problem we are used to in cooker hoods and chimney hoods and it has its Radialitic Motor system developed completely in line with its Research-Development (R&D) strategies. With these features, KUGERR is a global brand which has revolutionized its sector.

The most important feature of Radialitic Engine is to be silent. Besides, while working, as it consumes much less energy, it prevents the arrival of oil rising from the meal by means of its closed body. Thus, it has much-more long lasting than its peers. In this sense, Radialitic Motor is a revolution in kitchens.

The most important aim of KÜGERR, which is exported to many countries in the world today, is to make our kitchens a quieter environment.

KÜGERR is surprisingly silent by means of patented Radialitic motor and special design directing the air. Please go to the nearest point of sale and try to listen to the sound of KÜGERR running at 1th-2nd and 3th levels.