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*Based on the results of the comparative tests (test no: 27117822) conducted by independent laboratory, TÜV Rheinland, in Germany.




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Please do not forget to visit the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) page for other questions related to our products.

KÜGERR aims to eliminate the noise problem in cooker hoods and transform your kitchens into much quieter spaces with its patented silence technology: Radialitic. Please click here to watch our promotional videos and witness this silence firsthand. Also, don’t forget to visit the Why KÜGERR? page for more details.

Certainly, KÜGERR only produces cooker hoods that operate silently. The silence feature applies universally to all KÜGERR models without exception.

Yes, all KÜGERR models can also be used in recirculation mode with KÜGERR carbon filters. Unlike regular carbon filters, our uniquely engineered silent carbon filters provide superior silence even in recirculation mode. If you’re going to use the product without a chimney connection, please make sure to order KÜGERR silent carbon filters online.

Yes, you can easily wash KÜGERR aluminum filters in the dishwasher.


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