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Frequently Asked Questions

Do all models have a silent operation feature?

Certainly, KÜGERR only produces cooker hoods that operate silently. The silence feature applies universally to all KÜGERR models without exception.

Where can we see the products?

Due to commercial agreements, KÜGERR products are currently only available through well-known internet e-stores. If you are dissatisfied after purchasing a KÜGERR product, please contact us within six months and you can return your purchase, no questions asked, even if you have used the product. The fee you paid will be refunded directly to your account. This is KÜGERR’s satisfaction guarantee.

How do I set the time for automatic shutdown?

Once the clock (or arrow) on the keypad is pressed, the product ventilates your kitchen and turns itself off after 15 minutes. There is no option to increase or decrease the time.

The “C” mark is lit up on the product display panel. What should I do?

The C (Clean) mark is the filter cleaning warning. It’s time to clean your filters. You can wash your filters directly in the dishwasher. After reinstalling the cleaned filters, turn the product back on and press and hold the power button for 5-6 seconds. The system will reset itself.

We don't have a chimney outlet in our kitchen, can we still use it?

Yes, all KÜGERR models can also be used in recirculation mode with KÜGERR carbon filters. Unlike regular carbon filters, our uniquely engineered silent carbon filters provide superior silence even in recirculation mode. If you’re going to use the product without a chimney connection, please make sure to order KÜGERR silent carbon filters online.

What about suction power?

Although the suction power of each model is similar, there may be slight differences. Please check the products page for exact suction values of all models.

What are decibel levels?

It’s not easy for the average consumer to correctly interpret the decibel/noise issue.

For example, although there is a slight numerical difference between 45 and 48 decibels, there is double the difference in terms of actual noise levels.

For this reason, our introductory video offers consumers a live demo of noise levels they can expect at home at the various operating stages.

Additionally, some companies (even widely recognized brands) write misleading numbers about their sound levels by using regulation loopholes.

Approach reported decibel numbers with suspicion.

KÜGERR Hoods have deep silence modes in levels 1, 2, and 3.

The 5th stage is turbo mode, where the product reaches approximately 1,000 cubic meters.

The lowest and highest sound levels of each model can be found in each product’s accompanying datasheet.

Why do some models have high price differences while the specifications are almost the same?

While specifications for some models are nearly identical, price variation may still occur. This could be due to promotional pricing, agreements with various online vendors, and/or country-specific pricing regulations.


Can the filters be washed in the dishwasher?

Yes. The filters are dishwasher-safe.


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