Installation Guidelines

Please watch our installation videos, which show how easy KÜGERR products are to install.

1- KÜGERR products are designed for household use, not for industry, restaurant, or café use.

2- Minimum Required Distances Between the Bottom of Your Cooker Hood and Your Cooktop (Applies to All Brands)

Min. 65 cm (Gas cooktops)
Min. 55 cm (Electric cooktops)

Min. 50 cm (Gas cooktops)
Min. 45 cm (Electric cooktops)

3- Chimney Hole Diameter
(These are mandatory universal dimensions for all brands.)
For model A100 and A200 Aspirators: 12 cm diameter
For hood: 12 cm or 15 cm diameter

If you intend to use your product with ductless use/carbon filter, a chimney hole is not required.

4- If the cooker hood model you selected has a fitting issue (for example, the length needs adjusting), the metal sheet extension on the body is suitable for cutting and shortening. This allows you, when necessary, to reduce the length of your hood.

KÜGERR Instructions For Installation And Use (PDF)