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Experience The Kügerr Difference: Our Patented Radialitic Deep Silence Technology

KÜGERR’s unique patented Radialitic Deep Silence Technology minimizes the stress between the engine and the electronics. This allows for optimal motor operation and a smooth and silent cooking experience. Additionally, KÜGERR re-optimizes the return system to silence its engine. Throughout many stages, from anti-friction operation to the blade angle optimization of engine’s propeller, KÜGERR’s Radialitic Technology underlies the outstanding silence of KÜGERR.

KÜGERR is Silent

The near-silent operation of all KÜGERR models will amaze you. While other cooker hoods may rattle loudly, KÜGERR Cooker Hoods let you focus on cooking. KÜGERR operates in deep silence, especially in stages 1, 2 and 3. You cook while KÜGERR works. ** To better understand KÜGERR’s silence, please watch our introductory video. KÜGERR’s outstanding silence is also certified with comparative tests by accredited and independent laboratories.***

** Deep silence doesn’t apply to 5th stage/boost mode. *** TÜV Rheinland test no: 27117822

ATTENTION: Some companies in the market (even well-known brands) write misleading numbers about their sound levels by using loopholes in regulations. Approach these numbers with suspicion  Little differences between decibel levels create big differences in user experiences. Even a single dB increase in sound levels means that the noise increases by around 30%. Please don't rely on test results conducted by non-accredited laboratories.

KÜGERR is Energy Efficient

Another benefit of the Patented Radialitic Technology and its silent engine is the energy savings. Expect up to 50% greater energy efficiency as compared with other standard products. Take note of the energy label of the products and Energy Saver.

KÜGERR Means High Suction Power

In addition to having a silent engine, KÜGERR comes with high suction power. Suction power is measured in cubic meters and noted as “airflow capacity.” When comparing similar products, take note of the airflow capacity. Be suspicious of High Suction Power.

KÜGERR is Durable

KÜGERR models are durable thanks to their enclosed motor body structure. Ordinary hoods, because of their open structure, draw oil fumes from cooking directly into their tank. This makes them less efficient over time and is why ordinary hoods eventually lose their suction power.

KÜGERR is Time Adjusted

Another standard KÜGERR feature is the time-adjusted automatic shut-off function. When you’re done cooking, just click the timer button to allow your KÜGERR hood to ventilate. It will shut itself off automatically. You don’t need to return to the kitchen.

KÜGERR’s Filter Notification System

KÜGERR tells you whether your filter has become dirty or not so you can perform timely maintenance for optimal opera.

KÜGERR Filters are Dishwasher-Safe

KÜGERR products use filters that are dishwasher safe. You don’t need to wash the aluminum KÜGERR filters by hand.

LED Lighting

KÜGERR uses LED lighting in all models, which makes KÜGERR energy-efficient while providing better lighting.

KÜGERR Uses Real Stainless Steel

KÜGERR extractor hoods are made of stainless steel. An INOX marking does not necessarily mean that the product is made of stainless steel, as there are quality differences between different types of steel. KÜGERR quality is demonstrable.

Your KÜGERR Cooker Hood Can Operate Ductless

All KÜGERR models offer ductless recirculating capability, thanks to their silent carbon filters. Unlike ordinary carbon filters, silent carbon filters –specially designed for KÜGERR Cooker Hoods– provide superior silence during ductless use than ordinary carbon filters.

KÜGERR is Easy to Install

The KÜGERR models can be installed with minimal assembly effort. The KÜGERR installation videos available online will guide you through the simple installation process.


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